PIPENET VISION 1.11.0 Release

Welcome to PIPENET VISION 1.11.0! We are delighted to inform you that PIPENET Vision 1.11.0 is already out. The download link has been sent to all the customers with active PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support and/or active short-term licences. Please do contact us if you have not received the link or did not manage to [...]

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PIPENET VISION 1.10.0 Release – November 2019

Welcome to PIPENET VISION 1.10.0! We are pleased to deliver some fabulous enhancements across all modules to save time and make the PIPENET experience even better. PIPENET VISION 1.10.0 is being sent to all customers with active PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support and/or active 5-year and 1-year licences. Please contact us if you do not [...]

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PIPENET Vision 1.9.0 Release – December 2017

PIPENET Vision 1.9.0 - latest version of PIPENET released in December 2017. PIPENET Vision 1.9.0 has a new interface, runs hydraulic calculations faster, and includes more than 100 new features. PIPENET Vision 1.9.0 has been sent to all customers with active PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support. We hope you are already enjoying using it. If [...]

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PIPENET Vision 1.8.1 Released Nov 2016

There were more than 150 new features included in PIPENET Vision 1.8.0 released in April 2016. PIPENET Vision 1.8.0 is an excellent release with a very few bug fixes required. These have been included in PIPENET Vision 1.8.1, making PIPENET Vision 1.8 even better! The PIPENET graph viewer has been enhanced too. To register to [...]

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PIPENET Vision 1.7 Released

PIPENET Vision 1.7 is the latest version of PIPENET , on release from the end of April 2014 PIPENET Vision® 1.7 includes many new features. The range of built-in valve models in the Transient module has been enhanced to save engineers’ time and optimize choice. In the Standard module PIPENET’S heat transfer capability has been [...]

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PIPENET Vision 1.5.2 Released

Since its release at the start of 2011, PIPENET 1.5 has been extremely successful. We described its contents in an earlier newsletter to you. We have produced two service packs since its launch. Our latest release is PIPENET 1.5.2, contains number of improvements: Number of Decimal Places Displayed for Dimensionless Quantities There are a few [...]

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PIPENET 1.40 Released

PIPENET 1.40 is now available! It contains powerful new capabilities in all of the PIPENET modules. PIPENET Vision 1.40 is now being sent to all subscribers to PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support. If you would like to receive a copy, email us with your company name and contact details at: pipenet@fishvan.com  

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PIPENET 1.32 Released

PIPENET Vision 1.32 is now available! Spray/Sprinkler Autolayout is a new feature requested by Fire Protection experts. Network modelling is now astoundingly fast with a choice of instant tank configurations and general area protection. Autolayout is an automated schematic tool.  

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