The latest version of PIPENET is PIPENET VISION 1.11.0. When updating an older version of PIPENET to PIPENET VISION 1.11.0, it may be necessary to upgrade FlexNet Publisher (formerly known as FLEXlm) on the licence server to make sure that the latest version is used. Kindly note that the current FLEXlm programs and the sunrise.exe vendor daemon correspond to FLEXlm version 11.16 and this is currently the preferred version. If you need to upgrade FlexNet Publisher, the latest version can be found in the Licensing directory of the PIPENET VISION 1.11.0 installation CD/pen drive/installation files.

To install the new version of FlexNet Publisher, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the old lmtools and stop the service.
    2. Create a folder (e.g. C:\FlexLm11_16).
    3. Copy the files for FlexLm 11.16 into this directory (lmgrd.exe, sunrise.exe, lmtools.exe).
    4. Start the new lmtools.exe from this folder.
    5. Set the new path for lmgrd.exe in “Config Services”
    6. Start the server

The existing PIPENET licence file will still be valid with the new versions of FlexNet Publisher and PIPENET. Older releases of PIPENET can also still be used with the new version of FlexNet Publisher.