At Sunrise Systems Limited, we care about protecting the data you share when communicating with us. We have recently updated our Data Protection Policy in line with the new GDPR which came into effect 25 May 2018.

You periodically receive PIPENET News because you are either our customer or we previously communicated with you. We would be happy to keep in touch with you and update you on the enhancements and developments in the PIPENET software or share information about the PIPENET related trade events. We believe that our communication is mutually beneficial and we hope that updates on PIPENET would be interesting for you.

All our customers and business contacts are equally important to us and we would like to continue communicating with all of you. However, by GDPR rules, we are required to obtain a consent from the EU citizens and residents before we can send more information about PIPENET to them. Therefore, if you are from the EU and you would like to receive communications from us, please provide your consent when receiving PIPENET News.

If you do not confirm, in line with the new regulation we will not send further information on PIPENET to you unless you request it. Please note that we may still be required to send you emails regarding factual, transactional and/or servicing information in connection with PIPENET and PIPENET related services that we are providing to you or the organisation through whom you are known to us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.