Since its release at the start of 2011, PIPENET 1.5 has been extremely successful. We described its contents in an earlier newsletter to you. We have produced two service packs since its launch. Our latest release is PIPENET 1.5.2, contains number of improvements:

Number of Decimal Places Displayed for Dimensionless Quantities
There are a few units such as “nozzle deviation” that do not have dimensions (in the case of “nozzle deviation” the number is a percentage). In PIPENET Vision 1.5.2, the number of decimal places shown for these quantities in schematic drawings is reduced to 2 which makes the drawings much more legible.

The new releases also contain a number of smaller fixes and improvements, and support for new features by our Marketing Partners (such as new operating system releases by Microsoft).

MUS (Maintenance Update and Support) is and excellent affordable service giving customers first class technical support and upgrades. Up to date versions of our training materials, bulletins, demonstrations and other support materials are also available free of charge to MUS customers. Enjoy the reassurance of having the latest software at your finger tips with outstanding support!