PIPENET VISION 1.8.0 Transient Module releases a new output browser which enhances the program in the following aspects.

1. It is not necessary to close browser when running a new calculation.

2. The browser has ribbon control.

3. Navigation is easy. Go to the desired page by a simple click.

4. The “Search” function allows users to find result easily.

5. PIPENET transient module includes more information in output report
a. System maximum and minimum pressures.
b. Pipe schedule maximum and minimum pressures.
c. System components (pipe, pump, valve etc.) maximum and minimum pressures.
d. Pipe initial, maximum and minimum velocity.
e. Maximum air flow (flowrate, velocity and March number) in vacuum breaker and caissons.
f. Maximum and minimum dynamic forces.
g. Nozzle prime time in dry system.