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    Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Protection Systems with PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler:

    May 13 at 11.30 Central Time Zone (CT)

  • Fast input of a deluge network
  • Effective firewater ring mains
  • Combine sub-systems to build the world’s biggest networks
  • Effective balancing of systems

    Dynamic Calculations for Fire Protection Systems with PIPENET Transient:

    May 20 at 11.30 Central Time Zone (CT)

  • Pump start up of an offshore firewater system and surge mitigation
  • Deluge system start up and surge mitigation
  • Calculate discharge time of firewater systems
  • Modeling elastomeric deluge valves

    Dynamic Calculations for Process Applications with PIPENET Transient:

    May 27 at 11.30 Central Time Zone (CT)

  • Simple loading system surge analysis and mitigation methods
  • Cooling water system with scenario manager
  • Crude oil transfer line from FPSO to shuttle tanker
  • LNG loading system and eliminating cavity formation
  • Force calculation and its importance

Who will benefit:

  • Safety engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Fire protection engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Project managers


No 1 Fluid Flow Software For Operators & Engineers

PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler NFPA compliant. Global leader ensuring fire safety on large, valuable plant.

PIPENET Transient – Exceptional capability for surge analysis, control systems and for dynamic forces.


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