Welcome to PIPENET VISION 1.10.0!

We are pleased to deliver some fabulous enhancements across all modules to save time and make the PIPENET experience even better.

PIPENET VISION 1.10.0 is being sent to all customers with active PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support and/or active 5-year and 1-year licences. Please contact us if you do not receive it by the middle of December. If you are not a current customer and you would like a copy of PIPENET Vision 1.10.0, please contact us at pipenet@fishvan.com.

Among the prominent new features:

 Transient Module

  • Dry Pipe 2 Model – a new powerful feature for dynamic modelling of air volume in pipes
  • New air valve component
  • The Scenario Manager facilitates easy comparison of a range of scenarios on one screen
  • Improved searching in Forces dialog
  • Improvements to the graph viewer
  • RES2CSV utility now includes option to export to Excel

 Spray/Sprinkler Module

  • Improved formatting of the NFPA report
  • Updated Chinese Standard

 Standard Module

  • Non-Newtonian power-law fluids can now be modelled in the Standard Module

 All Modules

  • Measure and calculate using ‘litres per second’
  • Improved output formatting
  • Module name displayed in title bar

Read more details in the latest PIPENET News – Autumn 2019 issue.