Welcome to the PIPENET VISION® 1.11.0!

We are pleased to deliver some fabulous enhancements across all modules to save time and make the PIPENET experience even better.

PIPENET Vision® 1.11.0 Transient Module

  • A new discrete gas cavity model (DGCM) is now available. The new model considers the effect of a small quantity of free gas in continuous liquid.
  • The vacuum breaker model has been improved to speed up calculation and enhance numerical stability in extremely large systems.
  • The force results output file format has been improved for enhanced compatibility with stress analysis programs.

PIPENET Vision® 1.11.0 Spray/Sprinkler and Standard Modules

  • Spray/sprinkler Overboard Dump Valve improved.
  • All calculation elevation warnings and errors are clearly reported, rather than only the first.

PIPENET Vision® 1.11.0 Transient, Spray/Sprinkler and Standard Modules

  • New Auto-backup functionality and manager application – avoid losing data through power-cuts or other system errors.
  • Improved output browser page navigation.
  • More accessible Scenario Manager results presentation.
  • Enhanced support for Asian locale in dialogs.
  • New, separate user guides for Scenario Manager and Auto-Backup Manager.
  • Netutil licensing utility no longer requires elevated privileges. This simplifies network licence client configuration.
  • Handling of system libraries improved.
  • Measure and calculate using ‘litres per second’ in all modules